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When is Lambing time?

March and April is our busy lambing period, with 150 – 200 sheep all in groups determent by the dates they are expected to Lamb/ give birth.

Each evening we bring the sheep that are expected to lamb in from the field to the comfort and safety of the shed. We look after the ewes in individual pens for 24 hours after they have given birth to ensure mother and baby are happy and healthy, before they return to the field for continuous care and feeding.

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Getting Involved in Lambing

Lambing is such a busy but rewarding time of year, and we love welcoming the next generation of lambs to our farm.

This is such a unique experience and something we would love to share with you.  There are always a few mums that need help to feed their lambs, and this is something that guests are welcome to help with during their stay.

If you are lucky you may get to see some lambs being born, and the general care of the pregnant ewes and nearly born lambs is a unique opportunity that you can get involved with on the farm if you are staying during the lambing season.

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